The fundamentals of going solo for creatives, consultants and coaches - live intensive

If itchy feet and a grand idea have you keen to launch your own service based business, congratulations and welcome to the new world of work. Whether your motivation is to facilitate a better lifestyle, bring your vision to the world or simply be captain of your own ship, this new adventure you're about to embark on will test you.

 Ready to shortcut your learning curve so you're up for the challenge of designing a business that works?

Solo Startup - from Bec Mutch, founder of The CoworkCo. 

Here's what's included:


Module 1: Purpose

  • Clarify why you're in business and what your business stands for
  • Identify and get to know your ideal customer
  • Highlight your customer value proposition and point of difference

Get crystal clear on what you stand for, who your ideal customer is and what you provide for them. Know the key messaging all your promotional activities need to reinforce. Create new and compelling language for your web and marketing copy

Module 2: Presence

  • What your website needs to do to be truly effective
  • Key social media platforms to reach your ideal customer
  • The basics of online content creation

The fundamentals of building your online presence. Get super clear on the purpose of your website and what it needs to do for you. Know the difference between various social media platforms and identify which are best to build your business and why. Understand how content creation is really a marketing activity and key to boosting online presence.


Module 3: Profit

  • Clarify your core offer
  • Price for value and profitability
  • Additional revenue streams: workshops and events, ebooks, online courses, membership sites etc

Be crystal clear on the value you provide your customers. Be confident in your pricing. Understand the opportunities in creating revenue streams, what's involved and which are a best fit for your business.

Module 4: Productivity

  • The challenges of organisation when working for yourself
  • Successfully juggling multiple responsibilities
  • Developing positive personal habits
  • Systems, tools and resources to help you be more productive

Experience the value in being more organised. Understand where your biggest productivity weaknesses lie and how to develop the positive personal habits to overcome them. Be confident in choosing the productivity systems and tools that are a best fit for you and your business. 


Module 5: People

  • Build connection and community with your client base
  • Get the help you need
  • The ground rules for effective collaboration and partnerships

Better understand the value of building community. Have a fresh take on the help you need and where to find it. Be primed for your first collaboration.


Solo Startup weekend intensive July 15&16

I thought my business degree would help when launching my learning and development consultancy in 2012 and then The CoworkCo in 2014 - it didn't.

Going solo was jumping in the deep end, learning by doing, making mistakes, juggling two small children, a partner that works crazy hours, swimming in a sea of noise and information, trying desperately to hold to a vision of a life that works AND delivers financially.

Solo Startup is the course I wish I'd found right back at the beginning. One that didn't tell me what to do, but asked and then guided me in the direction I wanted to go. Because it was MY dream, and the business you're creating is YOURS... 

What's included:

  • 10am start, wrap up at 4.30pm with morning tea included
  • High quality, super current biz building content 
  • PDF activity sheets to workshop the details
  • Next steps - people, podcasts, books and blogs hand picked for fresh biz owners
  • Held in the inspiring surrounds of The CoworkCo at 421 Lygon St Brunswick East

$385 AUD incl gst