Life is so damn short, for f*ck’s sake do what makes you happy
— Bill Murray

If you're keen to revamp your life, redesign your career or finally give that wild and crazy dream some airtime Choose Your Own Adventure is for you.

It's DIY life design, created to help you expand your perception of what's possible, get clear on what you want, build the confidence and self belief to embrace it, and trade those limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for some high vibing positive momentum.

All you need is a keen eye for a better experience of life and the courage to face your fears to see what unfolds.

We all have a big idea or a burning desire for change. We're all called to break free at some time in our lives. But most people, paralysed by unspoken fears and perceived limitations, reconcile themselves to the idea that an amazing life is for other people. People with opportunities, upbringings, resources and personalities that make it possible. So they play safe and play small, reconciling themselves to the mediocre.

Please please don't. Mediocre is no way to live. The world needs your amazingness and you deserve to live a life that floats your boat, one that ticks as many boxes as you can let it. It all starts here...


Module 1: What you want

Explore your expertise, strengths, passions and preferences to dig deep into what you really want. Peel back the layers so you're free of other's expectations and super aligned with who you are to define what you want from your life.


Module 2: What's in the way

What's in the way is you. Look at your current experience of life for the baggage you carry around and examples of what's holding you back. Explore and banish limiting beliefs, playing small, and fear in all it's many guises. 


Module 3: Getting out of your own way

Get to a place where the adventure itself is as rewarding as the destination. Create high vibing positive momentum. Act as if. Expect things to work out. Build confidence and self belief. Implement daily practices for a joyful experience of life.  Live with ease and fun.

Choose Your Own Adventure online launches July 31st

It's a super practical, self paced online course, ideal as a weekend intensive or a month long self development project.

What's included:

  • Three modules of fab content with downloadable presentations, audio MP3 files and PDF transcripts
  • PDF activity sheets to workshop your ideal life
  • Positive daily practices - rising and retiring rituals
  • Say Aloha to Your Superpowers eBook

$220 incl gst