Sometimes intuition says sleep


I've been having a glorious summertime rest and gleefully culling all kinds of things that don't seem to feel relevant to my life and business anymore. 

I'm watching emails flood in with new year planning vibes and while there's lots of helpful advice around there also seems to be a subtle shift toward rejecting resolutions and traditional goal setting altogether.

Now this is a bandwagon with my name on it!

Normally I'm the idea queen but this year my one and only priority is to get in sync with my intuition, to make friends with my inner guidance and draw on my innate intelligence more often - all of which are saying two things loud and clear:

  1. Make space
  2. Wait

A challenge for me to say the least, just when I'm ready to plough into January planning my intuition is saying clear the slate. 

So that's what I'm doing and although this is unfamiliar territory I can't say the way I've historically approached planning has brought me the greatest happiness so maybe it is high time I let someone else call the shots. 

I wonder if it's the same for you too? 

Something to ponder this sunny afternoon, which reminds me my intuition is calling me for a nap.

This is the School of No Rules after all...

Happy trails, Bec


Rebecca Mutch