Meet Cowork Co Member Peter Mattessi

The Cowork Co is nothing without its members, and we think we have some of the best people around sharing our gorgeous space. In this new series, you’ll find out more about the people who work within our space.

Peter Mattessi is a television screenwriter, writing for shows like Neighbours, EastEnders and Holby City. He also does development for new shows, general story work and a bit of teaching at VCA. Plus he has a few of his own projects on the go.

Pete’s story is one we hear a lot when new members join us: with two small boys at home, and even with a nice little study to escape to, Pete told us he finds it impossible to work when the kids are around. He tried working in cafes for a while but it was costing a fortune in food and coffee. So he looked for somewhere nearby where he could work in peace while meeting new people.

Pete has been a member of The Cowork Co for almost three years, joining only months after we first opened. He is on a Sometimes membership {link to membership page}, which means he comes in about two days a week.

“I find I do more of my actual writing at The Cowork Co because it gives me long uninterrupted periods to work. I never get six hours of peace in a row at home. And there are certain stages of all my projects where I just need long stints of time to concentrate. So The Cowork Co is fantastic for that. Admin and occasionally editing I can manage at home with a few more distractions.”

As for where he gets his caffeine fix, Pete recommends El Mirage, which is just a short walk from The Cowork Co. For a quick lunch, he’s a loyal customer of the Abruzzo bakery, near Albion Street (affectionately known as The Ladies after the friendly women who run the place and serve up fresh sandwiches and treats).

“Coworking has brought so many lovely people into my life. I thought I was just getting a place to work, but that was a real unexpected bonus. The meeting rooms make me look classy whenever people come in to meet me. Also, I can bring my dog in and have her treated like a celebrity.”

We can confirm that Pete’s dog Frankie is a much-loved occasional visitor to the space. Look carefully and you’ll spot her fast asleep with her soft belly in the air and legs splayed.

  Photo taken by the legendary Breeana Dunbar.

Photo taken by the legendary Breeana Dunbar.

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