Our fab studio is now two years old and my learning experience design consultancy is now five. In that time I've watched as more and more creatives, freelancers and aspiring solo biz types make the decision to go it alone. So at the end of last year I decided look for ways to help others launching and growing their own businesses.

I thought about what would be of greatest value to our wider community and who they were, because we tried a lot of new initiatives last year and whilst they might have been great ideas the execution was challenging. And that's when I realised those challenges were the key.

There's a lot of information out there about how to start a business, and much of it is super valuable. If you're in Australia a brilliant place to start is

But the rafts of information work best when adapted to your context, your specific and maybe peculiar little life.

When you think of it, one of the most blissful ideas behind launching your own business is the promise of freedom to design your business to fit you and your lifestyle. So you can easily accommodate the needs of your children, your pets, your hip hop classes, your annual trip to Zanzibar, your night owl tendencies, and your preference for toasted cheese and avocado sandwiches at 11am. Even more intoxicating is the promise of working only with people you like on projects you love and getting paid a motza for your efforts. 

So it really is YOUR dream. No one else's dream will cut it and nor should it. Being a diehard maverick - don't tell me what to do or I'll do exactly the opposite - kinda gal myself, the best way for me to help became pretty obvious...


Introducing - the School of No Rules

It's our learning hub for all things fresh, fun and radical in life and business, inspired by a mission to help anyone crazy brave enough to go solo, do it in a way that floats their boat and fuels their lifestyle. It's no wonder I hashtag #chooseyourownadventure and #doyourthing a lot. 

As usual my plans are grand but rather than launching an all the bells and whistles extravaganza, let's start slow and see how the school evolves. No Rules right?

Our first project takes the mastermind model and makes it fun, helpful and affordable. We've got two streams because people right at the start of their business building adventures have quite different needs to those a couple of years in, and I'm facilitating both. 


Here they are:

Find Your Feet - 1st Monday of the month 10-12noon at the studio

Find Your Feet is for those aspiring or new to business, it's perfect for those with a side hustle as well. Each month we explore a different facet of small and solo business from a foundational perspective, getting the basics right for you, sharing best practice and workshopping different scenarios to help you make smart decisions for the life and business you're building. 

In Feb we talk Purpose (Feb 6th so get in quick), in March it's Presence, and in April it's Profit. 

Ramp It Up - 2nd Friday of the month 10-12noon at the studio

Ramp It Up is all about specialising, streamlining and scale. It's aimed at those 1-2+ years into their business who are gaining traction and ready for phase 2. If you're focused, driven and ready to grow this one's for you.

In Feb we talk Life Design & Legacy (Feb 10th so get in quick), in March it's Business Models, and in April it's Revenue Streams


Find Your Feet and Ramp It Up are complimentary for our studio members. Those on a Sometimes membership need to book in for hot desking that day, members with a key can just join in. Our doors for these masterminds are open to the wider freelance, creative, solo biz world so if you're keen to come, book your spot via our What's On page. It's a steal at $50 per workshop. And because there are no rules, you can come to both.

For more info drop me a line...

Happy trails, Bec xx

Rebecca Mutch