Into 2017

It's a happy day when I get to share some of the things I'm looking forward to this year.

Whilst I've put resolutions and traditional goal setting on the back-burner for the time being, I do have a short list of cool people and projects I'm paying attention to for 2017. 

They're a mixed bag but all in the spirit of the School of No Rules ethos:

#1 Michael Neill - business coach and so much more

Everything this man does. He was my first introduction to the three principles of which Michael offers a far more profound explanation than I ever could. He has written two wonderful books that I promise will change the way you experience life: 

His latest project and soon to be book through HayHouse called Creating the Impossible - is what I'm particularly interested in from Michael this year. It's a 90 day adventure in creation with a focus on doing what you don't think you can do. Reminds me of a ramped up version of The Unicorn Project from The Darling Tree which is another fab project to join in on.


#2 Tara Gentile - small business strategist

Tara has only recently hit my radar and she has done so with a bang. Her emails are always high value and her products and services reflect a pragmatic and insightful approach to business building for small and solo business owners.  She is the founder of the Quiet Power Strategy and has a cranking podcast and community.

Here's a taste of Tara's blog - The fastest simplest way to your goal

Her podcast -  Power. Profit. Pursuit

Her community - The Quiet Power Strategy Lab

Not only does she teach, she does - and taking a look around her range of revenue streams including teaching on CreativeLive is awe inspiring. Definitely one to watch in 2017.


#3 Chris Guillebeau - the original adventurer

I love this guy. He is soooo inspiring and an introvert and a dreamer of dreams. We have all his books on the studio shelves and he has a fab range of online courses on taking an unconventional approach to life, work and travel. 

This year though I'm super excited about his newest project called Side Hustle School.

It's a daily podcast and so much more - sounds incredibly ambitious to me but he's the guy to pull it off given he visited every country in the world before turning 35. If you're working for the man or the woman and planning an escape make sure you subscribe on iTunes for the podcast


#4 Marie Forleo - all around doer of amazing things

She hangs with Oprah, she founded BSchool (not the Australian one) , she has her own TV show Marie.TV, she has amazing hair and she calls herself an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and an unshakeable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.

Pretty compelling stuff, no wonder I handed her $2000 for the BSchool course a few years ago which ultimately inspired me to launch The Cowork Collective. 

While it was a worthwhile investment you can learn your little heart out just by watching her weekly videos on Marie.TV 

Now before you start, she's a New Yorker and fancies herself a little bit of hiphop and the big hair and cute dresses can leave you feeling a little WTF but she knows her stuff, she interviews lots of fab people, her show is fun and helpful and she's the queen of the free download. 



A few others to sink your teeth into:

Austin Kleon - writer who draws, author of Steal Like an Artist and his weekly emails are gold

Leo Babauta - minimalist, experimenter in life - blog and book called Zen Habits

Maria Popova - writer and gatherer of ideas on living a meaningful life - blog called Brain Pickings and her weekly email is gold too

Seth Godin - agitator for a new world - I cannot create a list of anything without this man popping up and he's got a spot on every shelf of our studio bookcase

Being Boss - podcast by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, a fab resource for creative entrepreneurs and a grand example of taking an idea and building a business around it


And a final blast of purpose for 2017 from a man I am always intrigued and inspired by, he rarely smiles but boy does he think - Henry Rollins:

I intend to go forward as fearlessly as possible and put myself in situations that force me to innovate and grow ... adventure until death


May you be brave, visionary, and unapologetically yourself...

Here's to a wonderful year ahead!

Happy trails, Bec


As I read back across my list I realise it's the US version. Which means a local version of cool people and projects is next... 

And if you're wondering why I chose this image - I heart snow xxx



Rebecca Mutch