Meet Cowork Co Member Kate Connell


The Cowork Co is nothing without its members, and we’re lucky enough to have some of the best around. In our Meet Our Members series, you’ll find out more about the people who work within our walls and what makes them so special.

Kate Connell isn’t your average coworking member. She designs and sells educational flashcard sets to assist those learning the fundamentals of English language. Suitable for use by children, including those on the autism spectrum, people learning English as a Second Language, and individuals re-learning language after a brain injury, her sets are helping many to grasp the basics of our complex language.



As a local in the area, Kate first came across The Cowork Co during her travels along Lygon Street. And, as fate would have it, she happened to be in need of somewhere to work.

“I wanted to work in a space that was separate from my home so that I could focus without being distracted by any domestic responsibilities. Also, I believed that a change of environment would be invigorating. And of course, I was keen to connect with other people who were also working in an independent way.”

Kate joined The Cowork Co in February 2017. When asked what she enjoys most about coworking, Kate cites the environmental change that it offers along with its versatile practicality. Whether working in the communal area and exchanging ideas with other members or drilling down into her work in a secluded space, coworking provides Kate with what she needs to successfully get the job done while enjoying herself.

Of course, Kate also appreciates our wonderful members at the Cowork Co, who each bring something unique to the environment.

“It’s been very interesting to meet such a diverse group of people and gain some insight into other people’s working lives.

“I’ve had some really helpful discussions with other co-workers regarding how I manage my work time. Following on from our discussions, I timetable my activities and prioritise my time in a way that I find very pleasing and efficient.”

When not at the Cowork Co and working on flashcard world domination (Kate’s sets currently sell in the USA and Europe with plans to hit the Australian market this July), you can find Kate going for an evening run around Princes Park or spending time with her family. And, for this Brunswick local, that usually means enjoying all the area has to offer, including the pool, library, cafes, and ice cream shops.