She sells sanctuary


I have a theory about people...

We ALL have ideas and plans.

And how we deal with them drops us into three categories:

#1 Some of us talk ourselves out of our aspirations before we ever speak their name. We mentally run through a series of buts, can'ts and shouldn'ts, seeing the reasons why not and giving precious little air time to why yes. And we stop there...

#2 Some of us find a way to quiet the internal noise and even though we spend time each day talking ourselves out of bailing, we move forward and create the space to let something new and exciting happen in our world. It might be painful, but we do it...

#3 And a few of us have practiced and experimented and explored life enough to know the benefits of following through. We embrace the terror and see it as an adventure, we somehow remember that's what we're here for and we live comfortably with the duality of freedom and fear. 


I want to live my life and run my business from option 3.

And after months of pondering what The School of No Rules is really about while I got caught up in living from options 1 and 2 it hit me this week that if not now, when?

If I'm honest, I've done some fabulous things but I've never really stepped fully into my potential. I have children now and I don't want them settling for nearly, and I definitely don't want them suffering with mediocre. Life is short and even if you return you won't remember this one so THE TIME IS NOW. 


So here's my vision...

Creatives, freelancers and solo biz types, whether home based, studio based or doing the digital nomad thing have something in common. We're all already children of the future. We see that the world is changing, that humanity is evolving (painfully it seems, yes - but evolving). We have chosen to be part of that evolution toward a better experience of life, toward values of collaboration, connection, purpose and inclusiveness. Toward integrity, innovation, freedom and fearlessness. And we've chosen by breaking free, leaving corporate structures behind and crafting our own careers off the grid. 

We're living on a personal level the evolution our world is navigating on a macro level. 

We are on the leading edge of the human experience and if that's too dramatic a statement for you just look around at the people in your world that are still asleep. Listen to their conversations. Notice how they spend their time and energy maintaining the status quo for fear of - they don't even know what.

That's not you.


So please think of the School of No Rules as your sanctuary. 

A place where you'll always find kindred spirits, inspiration and practical guidance on bringing your grand plan to life. I promise to step up and give you my all because we need each other. I don't want to do this alone, I'm over feeling like a triangular peg in a round hole and I'm so tired of playing safe. 

I don't care if you never visit our studio although we're a fantastic bunch. You can live anywhere on the planet, you can be any gender, any sexuality, any culture, any race, any demographic and call the School of No Rules your home because all that's required is that our purpose resonates with you.

There are big plans afoot to help you live from #3 and I can't wait to share them with you...

Until then, thanks for being awesome!

Bec xx

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Rebecca Mutch