Studio end of year festivities 2016

Studio end of year festivities 2016

Hey there,

Welcome to the School of No Rules and the start of our new adventure...

If you've visited our website before you'll notice a fresh new look for 2017 and since we moved from Wordpress to Squarespace I decided to leave all the old content behind. No migration, just a new design and super fresh content.

I'm drawing the line in the sand for 2017. It's time to ramp it up...

Since opening The Cowork Collective in late 2014 I've been doing a truckload of experimentation with the intention of finding a way to reach and support more early stage freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs without opening a new studio.

If I'm really honest, running a coworking studio is really just a ruse. I'm far more interested in helping people crazy and brave enough to break away from the herd be as successful as their heart desires. It just so happens that a collaborative workspace is a magnet for the kind of people I like to hang out with. The ones with big dreams, mainlining inspiration for breakfast, agitating for a better world and a more expansive and adventurous experience of life. 

So in my world it's life first and business as a vehicle for growth and contribution. Really they are intertwined. Just as our talents, beliefs, preferences and passions are intertwined with any business we create. 

I believe any business idea can fly if there is enough focus, drive and commitment from the founder. That's why I'm such an advocate of taking the time to work out what you really really really want to do before you launch a new business or solo project. In a solo business, you cannot hide and there is no momentum carrying you forward other than the momentum you create for yourself, so you'd better seriously love what you're doing. 

Which brings us to the School of No Rules...

Firstly - the name. There are many people that will try to sell you on the idea that there are rules in business, secrets of success, formulas, blueprints, strategies that you simply must follow otherwise you will fail miserably. If you choose to go with someone else's formula or blueprint you might succeed in business but you'll fail at being yourself which for me is too high a price to pay. Remember why you went solo in the first place? Flexibility, choice, creative control, freedom?

There are no rules. You get to make them up. You're looking at the wild blue yonder and the scariest thing out there is your reflection. To bring that dream to life, you need to get on your own side. Shake your pom poms rather than whisper bitchy judgemental put-downs. Stop being your own worst enemy.

The only thing in the way of what you want is you. Everyone else is just a player in your script. You have choice and power in spades and you can back yourself. If your first thought is how - we're here for you.

The School of No Rules is one part solo business fundamentals, one part getting clear on what you're creating, why you're creating it and cultivating your intuition to keep sending you the goodness, and one part friends for the adventure. 

We're starting with a couple of programs launching in January 2017 and have big plans for a whole universe of adventures to help you bring that dream life to reality. No platitudes. No wishful thinking. No heartbreaking comparison with others who are there already. This is your life, you get to do it your way. The biggest barrier might just be that unruly mind of yours.  

Luckily we're here to help with that...

Rebecca Mutch